Emily Cibelli

[ɛ.mə.li sɪ.bɛ.li]

Data analyst and linguist

Hi there! I’m Emily, a linguist by training who currently works in data analysis in the non-profit education sector. This page mostly has information about my professional work, but there’s some personal tidbits too.

Update, May 2020: I will be moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area in September 2020, and will be looking for a new position at that time (both Bay Area and remote roles). I’m open to a variety of roles in tech, research, higher ed, and the non-profit/advocacy world. If you’d like to connect about opportunities, please reach out!


  • Data visualization
  • Data analytics
  • Data as a tool for policy and social impact
  • Speech and audio analysis
  • Linguistics
  • Cognitive science